To post a question regarding the topics covered or example files used in the course, you must first be logged into the Power Query Academy site. Once you are in the course player, find the lesson pertaining to your question and click on the dark grey “Discussions” button located at the top right corner, as shown below:

This will open the Discussions panel where you can view any questions or comments posted by other students on that lesson, or post your own by clicking the "Create New Post" button. To close the Discussions panel, click on the X at the top right corner, as shown below:

The navigation menu will return on the left. (Please note that some of the lessons in the Introduction module do not have a “Discussions” button.) 

You may also send us your questions directly by clicking on the pink “Support” tab on the right-hand edge of the course site and completing the Help & Support form, or send us an email to

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